The Beiar River runs through some very scenic areas in the Arctic, surrounded by snow-covered mountain peaks and some of Norway’s largest glaciers.

To the east and the south, the area borders and partly overlaps the Saltfjellet/Svartisen National Park and more than 60 percent of the river’s catchment is within a protected zone for hydropower development.

The area is steeped in Sami history and contains many cultural sites. It is an important pasture and calving area for reindeer and a gateway to the National Park for walkers and nature enthusiasts. The river, with its 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) salmon run, flows through the municipality of Beiarn in the middle part of the County of Nordland, just north of the Arctic Circle. This 550 kilometres (350 miles) long county is one of the biggest and longest in Norway but also among the narrowest. In Tysfjord only a few kilometres seperate the fjord’s end from the Swedish border. Due to the glaciers, the river is cold and has an emerald-like colour. Enjoy the pure pleasure of fishing some of the best fly-fishing stretches in Norway.

The Beiar River

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